Food lovers love digital world!

Do you know what works?

If you are responsible for the digital marketing of a food brand and have some (or all) of these goals:

  • Increase the community of brand followers and engagement
  • Make your brand connect with consumers
  • You are concerned about sustainability and you need your content to clearly convey it
  • Improve KPIs in RRSS
  • Increase sales both in retail and online
  • Stay up to date on trends

But your daily tasks take most of your time and in the end you don’t find the time to coordinate everything. That is why you delegate to a marketing agency but may be not not specialist in food and it is difficult for you to find reliable collaborators who can solve this issue for you.

Therefore, you have a very nice creative feed, but the consumer demands help from the brands to show them the possibilities of the products with ideas and tricks that make their lives easier.

Contact us! We can be the best ally for both your brand and your agency

We are a company specialized in creating irresistible food content for your eyes and palate, with exponential growth online and offline for food brands.

We carry out various content formats depending on the needs of our clients:

  • Product photo and packaging
  • Photo recipe
  • Video recipe
  • Video clip
  • Lifestyle photos

Why choosing us?

We do not only cook to create food content for social networks and blogs, but…

We design a culinary strategy based on your brand values, your target and your product portfolio.
We take care of the entire ideation and execution process.
We help you transmit the values ​​of your brand through content that makes your customers aware of a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, taking care of them and the planet.
We produce the contents in our Kitchen Lab counting on experts in nutrition and sustainability.
We are up to date with all culinary trends on social networks.
We have a chef specialized in food industry and a permanent kitchen infrastructure and production studio. That is why we are able to produce a large number of recipes in record time.
Have you ever heard the concept of the 3Rs in the digital world? (or maybe we have made it up ourselves?).
We always like to take advantage of all the resources, which is why once we cook a recipe, we try to make the most of it by creating different online content and formats.

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Food Content Creators

We design, coordinate and produce all audiovisual and graphic production, in our studios or outside of them, to generate high-impact content.


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BURGO DE ARIAS – Tasting moment
BURGO DE ARIAS – Tasting moment
CARAPELLI – video clip
CARBONELL – recipe photo
CHORIZO RIOJANO – video clip
FRAGATA – Video recipe
FRAGATA – Video Recipe
FUENCAMPO – Tasting moment
GRUPO IFA – cinematic video recipe
GRUPO IFA – step by step photo
GRUPO IFA – step by step photo
HAPPY BIO – video clip
HAPPY BIO – Video Receta
HAPPY BIO – Video Recipe
HELLMANS – photo recipe
IGP CHORIZO RIOJANO – recipe photo final
IKEA – video recipe
LA PICONA – Photo packaging
LA VIEJA FÁBRICA – Tasting moment – video
LECHE GAZA – Tasting moments
LG – video clip
LUENGO – Video recipe
MILKANA – video recipe
Foto de pack - Brillante
PLANCTON MARINO – Photo packaging
PLANCTON MARINO – recipe – photo final
PRESIDENT – Tasting moment
PRESIDENT – Tasting moment
Fotos cafés carta prosalud
PRODUCTOS SALUD – Photos for coffee menu
PROVACUNO – recipe photo final
SEMILLAS FITÓ – Tasting moment
SEMILLAS FITÓ – Tasting moment
SERTINA – photo packaging
SOS – cinematic video recipe
VEGETALIA – Recipe – photo final
VEGETALIA – recipe photo final
VEGETALIA – video clip
VEGETALIA – video clip
VEGETALIA – Video Recipe