“What we eat changes everything”

— Pedro Álvarez, co-founder and CEO at -ivoro.

28,000 years from the origin of modern humanity, we must face the time is come to change the way we feed. Our planet can simply not cope with the current food system—we must switch to a more sustainable alternative.

Amazingly enough, we can reach this goal by creating foods that are healthier, more affordable, sustainable and, most importantly, delicious.

-ivoro, a mission of good purpose and better benefits.

Our mission at -ivoro Food Innovation Hub is helping accelerate innovation in the food industry and contributing to educate society into a change of mentality that will boost a better food system for all.

We are a company, not an NGO; but still our understanding of what benefit is goes far beyond the monetary aspect. The impact and return of our activities, apart from generating a ROI, must equally provide impact and return in line with our mission—one thing will not work if it is not accompanied by the other.

A brand that is open to collaboration and connection.

Our brand comes from Latin “Voro”, meaning “them who eat”. As a suffix, “-ivoro” turns into a platform, a hub that is open to join forces with others—SMEs, large corporations, startups, investors, technological centers, and professionals from around the world who understand and share our mission and wish to do their part in this endeavor to generate small stories of success, one day at a time. That goal alone makes all our efforts worthwhile.

From Spain—a place with a bright future for food.

-ivoro is based in Spain, one of the top countries in the segments of food and gastronomy, and in their connection to culture, leisure and pleasure. Spain hosts around 30,000 food companies—in the so-tagged “orchard of Europe”, the food sector amounts to a 15% of GDP. We have the talent, the expertise, the tradition and the resources. All we need is but a little vision and the awareness to be a part of this deep global change.

Even though Spain is the perfect headquarters for -ivoro, we regard ourselves as a global, even universal enterprise.

Universal access and implementation of best-of-class technology

We believe in the importance not only of developing the best technology to create better foods, but also of implementing it with a sustainable, equitable approach. What we mean by this? We mean it is far from fair that state-of-the-art technology is only available to those with access to Silicon Valley-ish investment funds. That of course is not bad it itself, but what if we could help a 250-worker SME from a rural area change their business model, technology, brand, range of products and distribution, so that they will create wealth and prosperity, as an alternative to merely surviving, or even closing business?

If the same SME was able to start up 50 years ago, what is preventing them from evolving now, when they have all the tools within reach? The answer is simple—the only barrier is the lack of awareness of the need for a change. For all the rest, there is our Hub.

A smart, strategic hub.

-ivoro is the sum of the talent and the will of many like-minded collaborators. We spot opportunities to change things, from seed genetics to field treatment, food processing, distribution and brand and product development that will ultimately become a part of the life of the consumers.

From the Hub we deliver services, create companies, invest in startups, develop and patent products, and promote venture building and startup programs. And how? By collaborating with those who think like us.

If you do, we would like you to become a part of our hub—and our lives.