Our team

Consultants, food technologists, designers, copywriters, marketers, cooks, producers, communicators, digital natives, entrepreneurs…

We are a multidisciplinary hub, strategic and highly committed to the development of new ways of connecting with people, and we work closely with companies’ marketing, communication and product development departments to promote new strategic lines and get the best results—all aimed at having an impact towards a better food industry.

Pedro Álvarez


Poli Amador

Socio Chef Director

Manuela Díaz

Kitchen Lab Director

Jorge Jaldón

Nutricionista - Tecnólogo de Alimentos

Javier Lobato


Mr. Gálvez

Diseñador ON/OFF

Iván González

Equipo Kitchen Lab

We collaborate with more than 200 professionals from different disciplines around the world.

Do you want to be a member of our hub? Send us an email to ivoro@ivoro.pro

Our brand

People are not omnivorous.
Everybody eats,
but only certain foods, certain flavors,
certain brands are a part of our lives.
We strive to make this happen.

Our brand comes from the Latin “Voro”, meaning “them who eat” and, as a suffic,
“-ivoro”, what do you feed on?

A perfect space to work with your brand

Welcome to our favorite place—the KITCHEN LAB. Like in every other home, this is our place of happiness. An environment that is devoted to inspiration and culinary innovation and also to dreaming, making up, and discovering as many things as imagination can come up with. Come join us!