Startup Connections & Investments

Here at -ivoro we believe the food industry must engage with startups in open innovation processes, given the flexible, dynamic and highly competitive structure of the latter.

Startups are born to find answers and solutions to problems, opportunities and complex issues in a quick and efficient way; because through the energy and talent they conjure up, they manage to accelerate transformation and break paradigms and barriers by using technology without restrictions.

We at -ivoro are the link between the industry and the startups. We are the first Food Innovation Hub in Spain, connecting the global ecosystem to accelerate innovation.

We have been working in the food sector for over 16 years, and we have spent more than 3 building close relationships in the startup ecosystem of Agrifood and Food-tech in Europe, America and Asia.



We are marketing partners at the main events in Europe, such as Future Food Tech and the Agrifood Summit, and we have a presence in the most relevant meetings in the sector.

Startup Global Map

Partnering with Forward Fooding, we share projects and Discovery Missions to connect companies, brands and startups.

Accelerator program

One of the programs we have promoted is Food Evolution, and we are working to develop similar programs that will help startups get ready to receive funding and get a boost forward by means of mentoring in every business area—from marketing to finance and operations.

Furthermore, the Hub invests in those we are passionate about, be it via direct funds, service per equity or a mixed model. Our participation is always strategic and aimed at business growth. These are some of the startups we have invested in:

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