recomendaciones para sentirse bien en primavera


That time of year when emotional fluctuations come to the fore. We find ourselves in greater need to rest and at the same time, the arrival of the sun reactivates us to encourage us to do more outdoor activities. Our diet and our way of life change and we must adapt to this process. But how can we control that spring teetotal?

There is no specific treatment to combat it, but we can follow a series of recommendations to deal with it. We are lucky and nature is wise and shows us its alternatives to combat this symptomatology, we just have to be vigilant.

Seasonal food

It is important to prioritize seasonal products as they will provide us with the necessary nutrients to feel active at this time of year. At this time we have avocados, chard, artichokes, celery, endive, asparagus, spinach, peas or lettuce as seasonal vegetables. It is important to remember that our diet must be based on both fruits and vegetables to ensure a correct mineral and vitamin intake. All this must be accompanied by a balance in the consumption of healthy fat and quality proteins.


It is well known that ginseng has properties that help combat spring teetotal. Well, Ashwagandha is known as Indian Ginseng and has adaptogenic, toning, restorative and regulatory properties of metabolic processes, as well as stimulants, which will help us feel less exhausted, as well as being a natural anti-inflammatory and helping with control of stress.

Magnesium is another mineral that can be of great help as it reduces fatigue and maintains muscle function as well as strengthens the immune system, improves muscle relaxation and regulates blood glucose levels.

On the other hand, to strengthen our defenses and increase vitality, zinc, selenium, iron and copper are important. That we obtain it naturally in all the aforementioned green leafy vegetables. Again nature speaks to us.

Other methods

We cannot forget the importance of maintaining a correct balance in our schedules and giving special importance to rest. Regulating our circadian clock is essential to counteract the feeling of tiredness and stabilize our hormonal system. It is especially important to be regular with meal times and sleep. Which will make it easier for us to gradually adapt to the new schedule. Staying active and exposing ourselves to the sun in the morning will help improve rest at night and feel energized during the day. Which, in turn, reduces the feeling of stress.

Excess cortisol, a stress hormone, will make us feel tired, so using meditation techniques and connecting with nature as much as possible will help us a lot during this time. Finally, avoid consuming ultra-processed products as they contribute to decay, fatigue and heaviness.

The role of the food industry

En este caso, las recomendaciones de consumo que se promuevan desde la industria alimentaria van a ser clave. Es necesario incluir algunos tips para mejorar la calidad de vida en nuestros consumidores y así aportamos un valor diferenciador a nuestras empresas. Uniéndonos a esta vertiente de la búsqueda de una vida más saludable, que cada vez es más evidente en la sociedad actual, damos un extra a nuestros productos.

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