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We help food marketers develop and implement new marketing strategies that are honest and innovative.

Very much what consumers are demanding.

Food Design Innovation

Our Kitchen Lab develops culinary strategies so that every brand has their own sensory imprint, with a relevant positioning.

  • Improvements or changes to current products
  • New recipes
  • New applications
  • New consumption moments
  • New formats
  • Innovation and design of new products
  • Innovation in new segments
  • Innovation in the development of new categories

After analyzing your opportunities for evolution and your current range of products, we will taste them and transform them, if necessary, in order to bring them farther. Both in the retail and the food service verticals, our teams (chefs, food technologists, food consultants, copywriters, nutritionists) spot and develop ideas for your brand to go far beyond and adapt to the new context of sustainability, health, pleasure and convenience that consumers crave for.

We control the whole process from the kitchen (creation) to the preparation (industrial escalation) and marketing (client perspective, communication, and global positioning). Ours is an integral vision that encompasses food tech, food design and food marketing.

  • Conceptualization
  • Formulation and ingredient study
  • Preliminary testing in our Kitchen Lab
  • Suppliers study
  • Validation testing
  • Sensory and lifetime studies
  • Pilot tests with research surveys
  • Organoleptic testing
  • Market research with specialized partners
  • Coaching in industrial escalation and production

Study cases


Branded Content

We create storytelling and content for brands. We design, coordinate and implement all AV and graphic production, in our own studies or in third-party facilities, to communicate high-impact content for brand visibility and reputation. We have expert collaborators in food communication.

  • Video recipes, express videos, step-by-step videos, and other A/V content
  • Photos
  • Content for social platforms
  • On&off campaigns

Study cases

Social media plan for SOS Clásico
Web y recetas para The Rustik Bakery

Digital Marketing

When outlining brand strategy and the subject’s emergence in the digital ecosystem, we analyze all contact points and the strategy needed to fulfill the established reach and conversion goals.

  • Digital strategy
  • Web platforms
  • Social media management
  • SEO/SEM analysis
  • Special actions, brand ambassadors, influencers
  • Email marketing

Study cases

Web y recetas para The Rustik Bakery
A brilliant social media campaign for Brillante
Caldo Aneto: An ever boiling website

Branding & Packaging

  • Naming
  • Brand or sub-brand design
  • Name creation
  • Format study for packaging
  • Graphic design for packaging
  • Adaptation and application into different formats
  • Suppliers study (manufacturers)
  • Prototyping

Study cases

Luengo Origen

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