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Glucose control goes beyond carbohydrates

For centuries, we have been told that the control of Diabetes lay in the reduction of carbohydrate consumption and elimination of sugar. Today we know that it is a more complex process and goes much further. The control of cortisol, sports and a correct diet are the basis for the prevention and cure of this type of disease.

But how to control glucose and eat everything?

From the food industry we can help our consumers to consume our products,  guaranteeing their health, controlling their glucose and, therefore, reducing their concern.

Tips to ensure glucose control

The power of apple cider vinegar

Numerous studies affirm that the intake of 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar diluted in water, 15 minutes before eating, helps to regulate blood glucose levels remarkably.

Order in meals

Whether they are proteins, processed food with high carbohydrates, vegetables, products with a high fat content… the order in which these foods are eaten matters a lot. From the food industry we can make our consumers aware that it is possible to consume anything, as long as it is done in the correct context.

The ideal order would be:

1. vegetables

2. proteins

3. fats

4. carbs

5. sugars

10 minutes walking after eating

Sport in general helps us to improve the functioning of insulin; Hormone responsible for regulating blood glucose. However, if you play sports, the glucose curve generated by the intake of foods high in carbohydrates and/or sugars is lower. A gesture as simple as walking or doing some daily activity (cleaning the kitchen, for example) right after you finish eating, helps a lot to stabilize that glucose spike that is generated.

Stress, the great enemy of Diabetes

Nowadays, we know that food and sport are two very important pillars to guarantee our health, but it is clear that our emotions, environment and way of life are equally essential.

Any food eaten in the wrong context produces a physiological response that can affect our body. Cortisol, the stress hormone, plays a major role here. It is our task to demystify the elimination of products from our diet and promote consumption in the ideal context.

Stress control through techniques such as meditation, eating without distractions and slowly, resting adequately and maintaining an emotionally stable life, are allies to regulate the functioning of insulin and therefore our glucose spikes, thus avoiding a multitude of diseases.


We found different studies that confirm that poor quality sleep is related to an increase in blood glucose at the first intake. Therefore, guaranteeing adequate rest promotes this natural glycemic regulation and allows us to eat food without fear of triggering our blood glucose.

Beyond the pharmacy

A fundamental pillar in health today is supplementation. There are a variety of products that we can rely on without the need to resort to drugs and guaranteeing a quality result.

For glucose regulation, my recommendation is undoubtedly Berberine and Aronia; a natural supplement, loaded with antioxidants that reduces blood sugar levels, improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

What makes it so special?


  • Reduces blood sugar, improves cholesterol and triglyceric levels.

  • Reduces testosterone levels and waist-hip ratio in people with polycystic ovary syndrome.

  • Very interesting for women with hormonal disorders and insulin resistance.


  • One of the fruits of the forest with the greatest antioxidant power due to its high content of total phenolic compounds, protocyanides and flavonoids.
  • High concentration of fiber, vitamin C, K, and manganese.
  • Low in calories and rich in iron and folic acid.

We reocomend: https://havitual.life/producto/berberine-aronia/

… and a visit to the Instagram account of The Glucose Goddess, to help consumers how to “bestir” carbohydrates, better accompanied than alone.


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