Global Brand Hosting

Regardless of size, a company needs to have a global inclination, be open to opportunities and live up to its responsibilities as a member of an interconnected business community without borders or barriers.

To deny this global approach means to assume the risk of business exclusion—that is, missing on a business model.

We at -ivoro believe that internationalization is an innovation process in the business model of any company. And, like in all innovation, it is mandatory to run extensive testing in order to find a way of growing.

It is to address these challenges that we have created an incubation and startup program for Spanish food and beverage brands in San Antonio, Texas with local partners. This pilot experience will help us define a value-added proposition aimed at Spanish companies willing to create, customize, test and develop brands and products from the United States, thus bringing together the Spanish culinary talent and the dynamism of the American market.
We are offering EFFICIENT solutions that are IN LINE with your growth needs, with a landing plan that is arranged to develop real-world market research and to prepare your brand so that it successfully fits into the new targets within our network of associate partners.
Texas Test 2018 in partnership with ILAUS, INC.

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