Gastromedia is now -ivoro

So long Gastromedia!!

Hi – ivoro

We’re changing our name to be even truer to ourselves.

For some time, walking by your side, we have become something more than a gastronomic producer. You have let us accompany you and understand people’s lives and imagine ways of connecting them with brands.

We’ve gone from producing gastronomic content to understanding the context and needs of consumers, to be able to innovate with your products, open new distribution routes and improve the channels we use to communicate with them.

We’ve learnt together that people are not omnivorous and only a few flavours, some foods and some brands are really part of our lives. 

That’s what gives meaning to our work.

We don’t work in gastronomy but with people who eat.

There are lostofchocivores, broccolivores, mumscroquettivores…
It’s up to us to make sure there are lots of good yourbrandivores.


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