Freshdetect wins the Food & Agritech Pitching session at Berlin

It’s been two intense days, full of content, meetings, workshops and pitching sessions at the EIC Innovators’ Summit hosted by Berlin, an amazing city that has embraced entrepreneurship as it did with bohemians and artist movement back in the days after the fall of the wall. Europe is learning that the future belongs to those who are brave enough to reinvent the present. The old continent has a great potential in the global innovation landscape and programs like SME Instrument from the European Innovation Council are meant to facilitate the path for small and middle size companies and startups.

I was invited to be an investor jury member at the Food & Agritech Pitching Session that took place yesterday from 11.30 to 1 pm. Six companies were selected by SME Instrument to pitch their project during 5 minutes and answer the questions of the jury and finally, the german Freshdetect was the winer with an impressive technology that will change the way food processors measure real-time and on-site product quality.

Here are the six pitching startups: 


Algaenergy | Spain

A biotech-based company exclusively focusing on the research, production, valorization and commercialization of microalgae and derived products. CEO Carlos Föster present the biostimulant unit and announced during the pitching that they had just closed a round with a Japanese group so congratulations.


EFOS | Slovenia

Matej Stefancic presented Trapview ( a fully automated pest insect monitoring and forecasting platform using networks of automated insect traps.


Freshdetect | Germany

FreshDetect develops and distributes the first and only handheld laboratory, which allows to measure the “microbiological quality” of food with an optical technology.


HPNow | Denmark

They are bringing to market a novel technology solution for the on-site generation of hydrogen peroxide using only water, electricity and air.


PlastiSens | Denmark

PlastiSens is developing and commercializing a novel patented sensor technology to detect antibiotic residues in raw milk. The device provides dairy companies with a qualitative result of the test in less than a few minutes and will cover the most relevant antibiotics.

Saftra Photonics | Slovakia 

They developed a patented water test calibrated for any organic pollutant for food and beverage producers to be able to control their water quality onsite and in minutes.


If you want to contact them, feel free to send us an email to  and we will make the introductions.

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