FORK promotes the 1st edition of the World Food Design Day

FORK promotes the 1st edition of the World Food Design Day to learn about Food Design and its impact on food systems.

On Saturday 16 October, World Food Day, the non-profit organization FORK (Food Design for Opportunities, Research & Knowledge) organizes the first edition of the World Food Design Day, to raise awareness of Food Design and its impact on food.
During the first edition of the World Food Design Day, more than 70 #foodchangers will present their concrete solutions to face today’s challenges in the agri-food sector.

A 20-hour virtual #FORKrace will travel across the 5 continents, to demonstrate how design can foster a cultural change towards more equitable and sustainable systems.

The first edition of the World Food Design Day is an initiative of FORK, Food Design, Opportunities, Research & Knowledge, an international non-profit organization formed by a team of professionals and academics in the field of design and food who want to support new solutions for our health and the health of the planet in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Antonio Barrera, Pedro Alvarez, Ricardo Bonacho, Sonia Massari and Mariana Eidler have set out to turn FORK into a large international community where creativity and design are the necessary tools to expand knowledge and responsibility on food sustainability issues and implement impactful projects for local and global communities. They have created FORK with the aim of facilitating alliances and synergies between designers, companies, food professionals, researchers and agents linked to the agri-food system to facilitate change towards healthier and more sustainable food systems.

FORK combines knowledge, skills and common objectives, and through the first edition of World Food Design Day 21 (# WFDD’21) wants to present concrete cases of innovation that are generating changes in food habits, production systems and supply chains. Experiences with names and surnames, innovative and alternative solutions, to face the current challenges of the agri- food and gastronomic sector. “We propose the figure of the Fooddesigner as an accelerator of change, practically essential, in the need to empower people and companies and institutions,towards environmental, social and economic sustainability process,” says Pedro Alvarez.

During the 20 hours of #forkrace, from more than 35 different cities around the world, more than 70 people will present their proposals. FORK’s founders consider this initiative to be a unique and pioneering opportunity to highlight the contribution that design can make to rethink the food of today and tomorrow. “When we launched the WFDD proposal, our idea was to motivate chefs, design and food professionals, producers, students and creative people to present ideas and actions able to activate and generate new sustainable food systems and experiences,” says Ricardo Bonacho. “The responses have exceeded expectations and we hope that many people will connect on October 16 to learn about those projects and FORK’s function and purpose”.

Mariana Eidler reflects on the importance of co-responsibility and the scope of strategic alliances. “We are all involved. FORK is a commitment for the entire food chain, from distribution to gastronomy, from circular economy to food waste management and food security, from experiencies to consumer behaviours…. We are asked if it is altruism. No, it is not altruism, it is teamwork. We all win here, the Planet above all”.

Sonia Massari explains that FORK can also be a useful resource for collaborating with municipality and public institutions. “We propose, through design, to create real and tangible solutions that can support food policies to face the difficulties and complexities of everyday life in the agri-food sector. We are aware that current scenarios require radical decisions and courageous governments, but it is also important to educate communities and equip them with the tools to apply and implement such policies. Design can develop systemic innovation processes by creating new networks between public and private sector”.

#FORKRACE, a lever for transformation

The #FORKrace is a transversal and team effort, which aims to create synergies. It does so by combining diversities, through social co-responsibility, both locally and globally”, says Antonio Barrera “a real race of creative talents, creativities and changes.

The event will be streamed on The Fork Organization’s YouTube channel from 8 a.m. on Saturday October 16th until 4 a.m. on Sunday October 17th. To register for free for #FORKRACE World Food Design Day 21 you need to register at the following link:

For more details, you can read program of the World Food Design Day 21 by clicking here, which is also available on the organization’s website:

The first World Food Design Day 21 was presented in the last week of July, within the framework of the Food Design Festival.

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