Navidad en orden


That time of year when excesses are part of our lives and we put aside everyday life and routine to replace it with leisure and personal relationships.

How to fit the order in this chaotic time of the year?

As a holistic health and nutrition professional, my recommendation will always be balance, just as it is done on any other occasion. Excesses were never good, both on one side and the other, which is why food companies must advocate responsible consumption that allows them to contribute to the sustainability of the planet and maintain an optimal state of health.

Just as the occasional consumption of ultra-processed foods is not going to have a disastrous effect on our physiology, the culture of extreme diets is not going to help us achieve the desired “perfect body” either. Therefore, here are some tips to be able to afford everything at any time without excluding social life, leisure and fun and maintaining a balance in our holistic health, which also includes caring for our emotions.

Tips for a Christmas in order

– Prioritize foods with high nutritional density. In any restaurant or family table we can find foods with a high protein content. Well, this will be a very good choice to prioritize on our plate

– Treat yourself. Keeping the soul happy is also part of health and it is an act of love towards ourselves. Do not forbid yourself food and consume it responsibly whenever you feel like it

– Drink plenty of water. Good hydration will allow us to differentiate real hunger from emotional hunger and thus enjoy eating as much as we feel like.

– Enjoy and get back to your routine. Do not throw all the work on the ground just because you had a larger meal one day or with different foods than what they usually eat. Going back to your habits the next day is enough

– Practice exercise. Keeping our body and mind active allows us to regulate our hormones and stimulate them to balance our appetite, so whenever you can, do some sport.

responsible consumption

Responsible consumption entails a commitment to the environment and to the care and maintenance of the planet’s resources. As consumers, it is our duty to bet on a balanced consumption of products, prioritizing those that are more sustainable, local and seasonal and, thus guaranteeing that less fuel costs are generated and, therefore, taking care of our planet.

From the food sector, it is a necessary strategy, since it helps us to position ourselves in the market as committed brands and, in addition, we provide extra value to the consumer, giving them peace of mind that our products are created based on a commitment to the planet. and with the health of customers.

On the other hand, and specifically on these dates when we find ourselves in the need, socially created, to consume excessively, we must make a greater effort to balance our diet and not sectorize food as “allowed” and “not allowed” . In this way, we will be able to make optimal consumption of them throughout the year and not limit it to certain dates, which will cause imbalances in our emotional and physical health.

Companies in the food sector can contribute a lot in this area and influence the importance of promoting this balanced consumption that, in addition, will guarantee us all a place in the market.


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