Website and recipes for The Rustik Bakery

Last year, Bimbo counted on us to support one of the most important launches of the year—The Rustik Bakery, their new sourdough‑based bread.

The website’s main goal is to communicate the benefits of this new product and to enlighten consumers about the benefits of sourdough in bread production. Furthermore, since this was a launch, the brand had to be present all over the site.

We gathered images for the website evoking the world of bread‑making, with flour everywhere and a properly fermented sourdough. For the session, several loaves where cooked in our kitchen (and then eaten, of course!)

As a part of the web contents, we gathered a series of ten exclusive recipes. Preparations had to be simple and the format was the same in all cases: toasted slices that would make a quick and tasty dinner.

We found a good solution to categorize recipes by splitting them among those that required a “fire” and those that were cold-prepared. In this way, a glance is enough for the user to tell beforehand how long it is going to take.

Please be our guest! Visit their website and try The Rustik Bakery delicious slices.