Social media plan for SOS Clásico

“To extend the effect and values of our TV campaign.” This was the main goal in our project for SOS Clásico across social networks. The idea was to delve into the notion that “to enjoy mom’s rice again, you don’t need to be mom—just pick the same rice she did”, and have the audience relate to it and express it in their own terms, embracing and sharing the message and thus spreading the reach of the spot. And we certainly did! The strategy consisted of coordinating several actions aimed at boosting the audience intervention and engagement.

In a first wave, a Facebook contest encouraged the lighter side of Mother’s Day and left us with a bunch of really fun, original quotes and photos for posterity. The best of them were awarded a very apt prize: two mugs customized with their own personal sentences. This action got hundreds of participants and, above all, reached the goal of embracing and spreading of the campaign’s values.

In a second wave, we developed several contents in various formats and published them through 4 weeks—recipes, articles, infographics and cartoons. In order to come up with truly interesting and compelling content, we had to rely on our team of chefs, photographers, branded content specialists, copywriters, designers, and community managers. To optimize the results of their effort, we laid down a structured publishing schedule where the different formats were alternated, so as to keep the interest alive and boost the campaign reach. In this way, not only the number and the intensity of the generated content were incremented, but we also gained a better audience engagement and reach to new readers.

More info about this job can be found in our blog: Social media plan for SOS.