Servando and Valentina started their family project in 1956. Back then, they focused in selling poultry products via traditional trade channels. Today, the company is run by their daughters Trinidad and Elena, who have kept their parents’ immaculate quality standards and artisan know-how. Animal welfare, environmental preservation and a choice of the best materials for their products are their ensign. Hence their claim: “Sabor a libertad”. (A taste of liberty)

–ivoro has been a strategic partner in the renovation of their product portfolio, giving their branding the key message of the business: their love and passion for poultry.

We have worked in this rebranding by respecting the business’ essence. The product is kept recognizable while incorporating new elements to convey their positioning.

Fowl are the main theme of the new identify, in an outstanding design that is both fun and sophisticated.




Range designs

Launch of ready-made dishes—100% natural, handcrafted recipes.


Over 10 varieties of surprising taste, handmade one by one.

And many more novelties coming soon!