Marine Plankton Veta La Palma ®

Plancton Marino Veta La Palma® is the only company to have been awarded the “Novel Food” authorization for cultivating, producing and selling Marine Plankton for the restaurant and food industries.

Both the nutritional benefits of this product and its versatility in the kitchen turn it into an exceptional ingredient—in the words of renowned chef Ángel León, it is very much like having “the sea at your table”.

The main goals in this project were to communicate the different applications of marine plankton while conveying its benefits and ease of use.

Our Kitchen Lab team, led by executive chef Poli Amador, created simple, fun recipes and formats for all audiences, aimed to show it does not take an experienced chef to incorporate this ingredient to all kinds of preparations.

Simple, entertaining contents were created in both physical and digital format.