Luengo Origen

The naming and the development of a new range of products is always a big challenge for a leading brand that is fully recognized in its vertical, as is the case with Luengo.

The goal in this project was to place value on an exceptional range of products—local legumes with unique features, cultivated in Spanish soil through the centuries, and awarded a Protected Geographic Indication seal (IGP, Indicación Geográfica Protegida).

We chose a very clear and to-the-point concept. “Legumbres con Origen de Luengo” are legumes of a noble name—grown, harvested and packaged by skilled hands in national territory.

Graphic resources were developed to communicate the core message of the range and reinforce its positioning. The use of a smooth color palette evokes the high-quality craftmanship involved with the product—even though the design would work equally well with a different set of hues. The background illustration evokes nature and natural settings.