Understanding the different ingredients, the idiosyncrasy of each brand and how people live can help us make small things that can build strong relationships between the people and the brands that will become part of their lives.

A few simple photographs somewhere on social media can change how we perceive a product.

A new way to have a conversation on social media can change how we choose without even thinking about it.

Adding or removing a portion of a product’s consumption format can change how we perceive it.

Showing a product in a new unexpected place exactly where the desire to eat it can arise– can trigger a new relationship with it.

Increasing or removing some ingredients or functional characteristics from a product can introduce it in the lives of new people.

inspiring new recipes for a product can change how we perceive its value.

Showing a product under certain situations or contexts can open it to new consumption moments in the lives of many people.

Developing a new version of a product can, not only open its way to new markets, but also change how we perceive all the other products offered by the same brand.

Rediscovering old-time favourites through completely and innovative new recipes can reintroduce them into people’s lives.