Gastromedia is now -ivoro

We are not omnivorous.

We all eat, yes,
but only some foods, some flavours,
some brands are part of our lives.

At -ivoro we work to make this happen.

-ivoro, meaning –vorous, is a strategic unit that works on food & people projects with the R&D, marketing and communication teams of brands and foodstuffs looking to become part of people’s lives.

Understanding the different ingredients, the idiosyncrasy of each brand and how people live can help us make small things that can build strong relationships between the people and the brands that will become part of their lives.

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So long Gastromedia!! Hi – ivoro We’re changing our name to be even truer to ourselves. For some time, walking by your side, we have become something more than a gastronomic producer. You have let us accompany you and understand people’s lives and imagine ways of connecting them with brands. We’ve gone from producing gastronomic […]

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