Gastromedia is now -ivoro

We are a Food Innovation Hub

We help speed up innovation in food industry and educate society by changing their frame of mind to promote a healthier food system for all

Our brand name comes from the Latin term “Voro”, which means “they who eat”. As a suffix, ‑ivoro becomes a platform.

A hub that is open to join forces with third parties.

SMEs, large corporations, start-ups, investors, institutions, tech centres and professionals around the world who understand and share our mission and wish to contribute their part so that this huge effort will generate small, day-to-day success stories. That alone will repay our commitment.

-ivoro is the sum of the talent and determination of many people who share our beliefs and partner with us.

We spot opportunities to change and improve things, from seed genetics to fieldwork, food processing, distribution, content development, brand building, and the creation of products that will eventually become a part of consumers’ lives.

From the hub where we offer our services we do anything from creating enterprises to investing in start-ups, developing and patenting projects, building ventures and implementing acceleration programs, among many others.

How do we go about it? By partnering with people who share our views. If you are one of us, we want you to join our hub and our lives

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Gastromedia is now -ivoro

So long Gastromedia!! Hi – ivoro We’re changing our name to be even truer to ourselves. For some time, walking by your side, we have become something more than a gastronomic producer. You have let us accompany you and understand people’s lives and imagine ways of connecting them with brands. We’ve gone from producing gastronomic […]

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